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The Everlight Team at ARGANZ 2019

12 March 2019


Last weekend, the Everlight Team was one of the exhibitors  at the 11th ARGANZ Meeting held in Auckland.
This year's conference was a great turnout with 261 delegates including exhibitors, executive and speakers.
We particularly enjoyed the good quality of speakers and sessions with keynote speakers like Assoc. Prof Koenraad Mortele from Boston and Asst. Prof Alessandro Furlan from Pittsburgh. 

It was also great to see quite a few Registrars attending this year. We used the time at the conference to introduce our new department RadCare to the Registrars and Radiologists, which is designed to create the best professional clinical environment for Radiologists.
You can find out more about Radcare here.

We are already looking forward to the 12th ARGANZ Annual Meeting in Brisbane from 28-29 March 2020.

The Abdominal Radiology Group of Australia and New Zealand (ARGANZ) is a not-for-profit group uniting radiologists from Australia and New Zealand with an interest in imaging and image guided treatment of patients with diseases of the abdomen. The scope of ARGANZ does not include obstetric imaging. 
ARGANZ  exists under the umbrella of RANZCR and adheres to its rules and regulations.