Imagine a place where meaningful work takes centre stage and you’re valued and developed for the pivotal role you play in patient care.

At Everlight, the work we do has a profound impact on patient outcomes, with each report we provide representing a critical piece of the puzzle. That’s why we foster a culture of clinical excellence, continuous learning and professional development.  

Our Medical Leadership Council plays a hands-on role in team selection and actively supports our radiologists in their development to ensure ongoing clinical excellence and support. We invest in your continuous growth, with access to funding for educational activities and opportunities for internal training and progression.  



Our everlearning educational programme features lectures from some of the world’s most prominent radiology professionals in the fields of MSK, Neuroradiology, Emergency and Trauma, Abdominopelvic, Cardiothoracic and Paediatric radiology. All our lectures are eligible for CPD points.   

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At Everlight, quality isn’t an afterthought – it’s embedded within everything we do. Our reports undergo rigorous grading as part of our continuous efforts to elevate quality standards and our thorough peer review process and monthly Clinical Governance meetings help us refine and improve the quality of reporting together. 



Monthly everlearning lectures from prominent figures in radiology, eligible for CPD points 



Case studies on complex and interesting cases  



Educational stipend for professional development  



Clinical Governance programme and peer review 



Career pathways and non-reporting roles 

Open up a world of possibilities.

Choose to live and work from anywhere in the world as part of Everlights’ global teleradiology team.

If you’re considering a short break, a longer working holiday or relocating completely, a teleradiology career with Everlight means you can expand your horizons without putting your career on hold, continuing to report for patients using your existing registration.

If you’re a FRANZCR. FRCR, MCIRL or MCNZ Consultant Radiologist on the specialist register and interested in travel or relocating, we’d love to hear from you.

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Imagine the freedom to work smarter and live better, never missing out on life’s important moments. To be part of a team who value the importance of every moment, as much as you do. A workplace where you choose where you work, and when you work, at a time that suits you.

“I have flexibility - to work from home, to work the hours I want, to work the times that I want. Everlight allows me to spend more time with my family, I have more time to enjoy life. And there is more room for adventure. I can only do this because I am with Everlight.”


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More Support

Imagine being seamlessly linked to a friendly and supportive team, united by shared values and committed to delivering the highest quality reporting with state-of-the art mobile tools and technology to provide life-saving patient care around the world, around the clock.  

“In my role as Clinical Lead I mentor and support radiologists. I’m here for any questions, support on individual cases, operational concerns, mentoring and even emotional support., I have a reputation for having an opendoor. People know they can approach me.”

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Imagine a better way to work. A world where we challenge the status quo to stay ahead and create more productive ways of working. A world where your experience is so valued, it offers you the freedom to work smarter and live better. Imagine more with Everlight Radiology. 

“It’s more than reporting. At Everlight Radiology you can grow your career and be there for your children and your family. it’s everyone’s dream - to have that career, and be present for your loved ones.”

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