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Partnering with healthcare professionals globally, to save lives through clinical excellence and timely delivery.


Around the clock and around the world

We provide radiology reporting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from major reporting hubs on both sides of the globe. Our model follows the sun so our team of 300+ consultant radiologists are always reporting in their daylight hours.

Urgent After-hours

Access consultant level radiologists at any hour of the day, all year round.

Urgent Daytime

Ensure every emergency case is treated by a specialist consultant radiologist.

Routine, Overflow and Backlog

Manage your team’s workload with additional support from leading radiologists.


Provide a broader level of service, with support from leading sub-specialist radiologists.


Be confident that you’re meeting reporting standards with our independent audit service.

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It’s always daylight somewhere in the Everlight world

The increasing demand for providing round-the-clock daylight hour radiology reporting means we are always looking for GMC (UK), IMC (IRE) and FRANZCR (AUS & NZ) specialist consultant radiologists in every corner of the globe.

Our team has the flexibility to work 3-days a fortnight or full time. Early mornings or late nights, weekdays or weekends. From our offices across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa or from your own home anywhere in the world. You might even be able to establish a new Everlight reporting centre of your own.

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The Everlight Advantage


Clinical quality

We’ve made a commitment to quality assurance, integrated that commitment into our clinical framework, and set the benchmark for the rest of the industry to do the same.


Bespoke award-winning technology

Our innovative e-health business model uses proprietary, internet-enabled technology – so we can ‘follow the sun’ and provide radiology reporting at any hour.

Why Everlight Radiology?

Dedicated Reporting Centres

Continuous Seamless Imaging

Quality assurance

Commitment to excellence

Customised IT solutions

Highly skilled radiologist


Sub-speciality reporting

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