Around-the-clock quality

At Everlight, our commitment to excellence sits at the core of who we are.

We’ve made a commitment to quality assurance, integrated that commitment into our clinical framework, and set the benchmark for the rest of the industry to do the same.

It’s for this reason that you will find quality control measures across all of the key areas of our business – including clinical audit, managing exceptions, and clinical and administrative recruitment. Furthermore, through the standardisation of our framework you can expect the same calibre of reporting from Everlight no matter where in the world our Radiologists are. Each of our doctors are GMC specialist, Consultant Radiologists with extensive NHS careers.

How we recruit our Radiologists

Everlight’s clinical recruitment process is the first step towards a consistently high standard of reporting. All of our Radiologists are experienced GMC specialist, registered with NHS consultant experience, covering all cross-sectional imaging and body parts. They are all thoroughly vetted by our Medical Director, and are required to provide detailed documentation.

This includes:

  • References
  • Full ID
  • GMC Appraisal and Revalidation information
  • Evidence of CPD
  • Criminal records check
  • An up-to-date CV

The Everlight induction process

Regardless of how many years they have been in the industry – or how widely-regarded their reputation – every Radiologist that Everlight considers hiring takes part in our two-part induction process:

Part One: This begins with the interview process, followed by an examination for the modalities that the candidate will be reporting on.

Part Two: To ensure absolute quality, the first two sessions all our new Radiologists report on are 100% double read.

It’s only after these two parts are successfully completed that Radiologists are offered contracts with Everlight.

In-built IT excellence

Everlight’s development team has created a quality assurance peer-review module as part of our bespoke RIS – Everlight QA. It makes it possible for cases to be read anonymously, and for addendums to be fed back to clients when it’s needed. With Everlight QA, we’re also able to provide clients with detailed quality reports and metrics to keep them informed and in control.

Quality assurance audit

Even with Everlight’s strict quality assurance measures in place, we still perform daily audits on a randomly selected basis. We will also automatically audit:

  • All new Radiologists
  • A single, randomly-selected case from every Radiologist, every shift
  • For two sessions if a serious exception has taken place
  • If the client hospital has asked us to review a report


Our focus on quality is our hallmark. We actively encourage our people to keep up their professional development and to continue to learn and develop new skills. To help our Radiologists continually advance, we run our own educational CPD seminars through our clinical governance meetings and educational events. In our world every second counts and every detail is critical.