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    Number of urgent cases reported in the last 12 months

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    10% of urgent cases reported in under 14 minutes

    90% of urgent cases ANZ

    90% of urgent cases reported in under 75 minutes

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    Industry News & Insights

    COVID-19 imaging update. Watch the lecture on-demand now. 

    Presented by Dr Arjun Nair of the BSTI, the presentation reviews plain film and CT features of a COVID-19 infection and risk stratification and implication of significant findings. Eligible for 2 CPD points. 

    Emergency Neuroimaging CVA. Watch the lecture on-demand now. 

    Presented by Radiopaedia's Dr Craig Hacking, this lecture provides an overview of the stroke protocol and role of mechanical thrombectomy in a stroke unit; fundamentals of CT perfusion; and recognise potential candidates for mechanical thrombectomy. Eligible for 2 CPD credits. 

    Imaging of persons concealing drugs internally. Watch the lecture on-demand now. 

    Body packers, drug mules, body stuffers are synonymous terms used for persons who, voluntarily or through coercion, swallow, or insert drug-filled packets into a body cavity, generally in an attempt to smuggle them across secure national borders or county lines. Eligible for 2 CPD points. 

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