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Since its launch in 2006, Everlight has transformed the world of radiology, along with the careers of our outstanding consultant radiologists. We currently support over 350 hospitals and clinics across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, with outsourced radiology reporting services, and played a critical role in the care of over 1.5 million patients last year. 

Everlight’s sustained success is due to the popularity of our “follow the sun” operational model, and the resulting speed and accuracy of our radiology reporting services. Our Radiologists are located across the globe, in every time zone, working from either a dedicated Everlight reporting centre, or state-of-the-art home hub. Whenever a hospital client experiences a spike in demand for diagnostic imaging which they cannot meet in-house, the scans are distributed to a highly skilled Everlight consultant who is typically based offshore and working daylight hours.



This ensures they are more alert, refreshed, focused and perceptive than if they were working the extended or overnight shifts that are the typical across the radiology profession.

It’s the reason why so many hospitals want to work with us, and so many Consultant Radiologists choose Everlight Radiology to enrich their clinical careers.

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Unrivalled Quality and Consistency

Everlight’s commitment to excellence in patient care sits at the core of who we are. 

We’ve integrated that commitment into our clinical framework and set the benchmark for the rest of the industry to do the same. It’s just one of the reasons we’re accredited by NATA against RANZCR radiology standards and are ISO27001 certified.

A minimum of 2% of Everlight reports are peer reviewed for accuracy, with discrepancy rates consistently well below all published benchmarks. 

Our rigorous quality framework is standardised across the key areas of our global operations – including clinical audit, exceptions management and recruitment. And each of our doctors are FRANZCR specialist consultant radiologists. This means you can expect the same high calibre of reporting from each and every Everlight radiologist, across every location in the world.

How we Select our Radiologists

Everlight’s intensive clinical recruitment process is the first step to ensuring our consistently high standards of reporting. Each Everlight radiologist is a registered FRANCZR specialists with significant consultant experience, covering all cross-sectional imaging and body parts. Applicants are all thoroughly vetted by our Medical Director and are required to provide detailed documentation on their career history, referees, clinical experience and professional development.  

Once shortlisted, potential recruits are closely supervised through an intensive interview, assessment, induction and onboarding process. This is tailored to their chosen modalities and includes a comprehensive sample case assessment. If successful, the first two sessions of all new radiologists are closely peer reviewed, with every report double-read by senior colleagues. 

Bespoke Technology

Everlight is the global leader in teleradiology technology, with over 15 years’ experience at the cutting edge of global medical imaging data transfer. We recognise that technological innovation holds the key to meeting our clients’ need for the ever-faster, most comprehensive, secure and reliable transfer of medical imaging and clinical reports.

Which is why our investment in technology is second to none. We employ a global technology team of over 60 IT professionals, and a bespoke teleradiology platform that delivers a unique range of benefits to our clients and radiologists alike.

Bespoke Technology

Commitment to Clinical Development

Not only do we insist on recruiting the very best radiologists to Everlight, we aim to continually challenge and educate our clinical teams through our EverLearning curriculum of ongoing professional development. Led by our highly experienced Medical Leadership Council, this educational programme includes regular development workshops exploring the findings and insights from our Quality Assurance audits and sharing clinical expertise from across the Everlight Community.

This is supported by the EverLearning webinar series, through which leading international radiologists regularly deliver in-depth digital best-practice seminars within their field of subspecialist expertise. In addition, Everlight routinely supports and encourages its radiologists to attend international conferences and exhibitions to advance their own knowledge and profile within the industry. 

Why Everlight Radiology?


Follow the sun philosophy

It is always daylight in the Everlight world. Our radiologists work daylight hours, increasing their accuracy, satisfaction and wellbeing.


Global reporting infrastructure

With dedicated reporting centres and home hubs in every time zone, we provide round-the-clock access to experienced consultant radiologists working daylight hours.


Unrivalled Clinical Expertise

Everlight’s team of over 150 FRANZCR specialist consultant radiologists offer a complete breadth and depth of expertise, overseen by our Medical Leadership Council of leading clinicians. 


Timely turnaround times

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading emergency and trauma teleradiology reporting, we deliver a final report within 60 minutes through our urgent daytime and out of hours services.


Rigorous Quality Assurance

Everlight sets the standard for quality assurance in teleradiology. A minimum of 2% of our reports are peer-reviewed, with discrepancy rates consistently well below all published benchmarks.


Radiologist Satisfaction

Our unique blend of flexibility, support and interesting case mix ensures our radiologists are fresher, happier, and more satisfied. 


The Everlight Story

For over a decade, Everlight Radiology has been a lifeline to hospitals, private imaging clinics and corporate radiology providers across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and further abroad.

Our organisation was established in Australia as Imaging Partners Online in 2006 in response to the increasing demand for round-the-clock, outsourced radiology reporting. We first entered the UK market in 2010 as Radiology Reporting Online – a partnership with University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH).

Having offices in multiple time zones was an integral part of our founders’ unique vision – to make the most of international time differences and provide round-the-clock radiology reporting, while ensuring our team of radiologists only ever worked ‘daylight’ hours.

This is a vision that has allowed Everlight to grow strongly since those early years. Our radiologist team has grown to more than 150 FRANZCR specialist consultants who have extensive experience, reporting on more than 700,000 examinations a year. We are operating out of offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa, along with a number of specialists working from their homes further afield – including America, Canada and continental Europe.

While our team and our workload has significantly increased, our commitment to quality reporting has remained steadfast. All our reporting is subject to in-depth peer review processes, and we have extensive quality assurance systems in place to help us exceed the accepted benchmarks for accurate reporting.

That’s a part of the Everlight story that won’t ever change.

Our Team

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Medical Leadership Council

Members of the Board


Join our Operations, IT or Radcare Team

The experts in the background