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The Future of Digital Health In Australia: an Interview with Wayne Hartmann

12 February 2019


As the GM for Everlight Radiology ANZ, Wayne Hartmann has a keen interest in Australia’s national Digital Health Strategy. Wayne and his colleagues see the Strategy as having significant benefits for the Australian public, the private, and public hospital sectors. 

“Fundamentally the Strategy is about accessibility to health care services,” says Hartmann, “As a diverse and expansive country, rural healthcare access is challenging. The Strategy seeks to increase provision of access, and that’s good news for Everlight and patients in less populated areas because we are already digital-first and can provide these services right now.”

Everlight is the fastest-growing global teleradiology company, however, Hartmann believes that in Australia much can still be done to bring awareness to how public institutions can use digital services offered by the private sector to improve patient outcomes. 

“Everlight is a true life example of a digital health agency, however the government is barely aware of our existence,” says Hartmann, “That’s why we have created a whitepaper addressing the need for the private and public sectors to work together, with the government's help, to improve services and patient outcomes.” 

Hartmann sees the whitepaper as an important tool in helping to drive awareness and conversation about Everlight, teleradiology, and the Strategy. However, with or without government’s support, Everlight pushes forward regardless.  

“Everlight is already a success story. We are growing rapidly, raising the quality of patient care and creating the best possible working environment for our radiologists because in our industry, capacity is key.” Hartmann goes on to explain, “We want the best radiologist talents in the world to ensure that our service continues to improve even as the company grows.”

With Everlight Radiology’s success, it is surely only a matter of time before there is increased awareness and appreciation for high-quality teleradiology services. Not to mention private companies, like Everlight, that exemplify everything the government’s Digital Health Strategy stands for.