Everlight Radiology's innovation lies in our scalable e-health business model – which uses proprietary, internet-enabled technology to ‘follow the sun’ and provide ‘always on’ 24/7 radiology reporting.

Simply put, we reverse day and night – to provide accurate, reliable radiology reporting using a team of more than 200 GMC specialist and fully-insured consultant level Radiologists on both sides of the world. During their daylight hours, they report on cases that originate from the other side of the world – where it’s gone night.

Everlights technological innovation is in three parts:

  • First of all, the Everlight Gateway collects and ingests images from hospitals the moment they are taken from the patient

  • Everlight Deluge then uses the latest online video broadcasting technology to present the examination to the next available Radiologist. That experienced Radiologist may be UK-based, or reporting from Sydney or New York during daylight hours

  • Everlight RIS manages the workflow, so that all cases are treated equally and securely, and returned within critical KPI/SLA timeframes (within the hour for urgent cases).

Everlight’s IT development team built these solutions to increase the speed and security with which mass images could move from our clients’ systems to Everlight Radiologists. All of our Radiologists work on standardised high grade platforms – with a controlled, considered quality assurance regimen aiding in the consistent high standard of reporting we provide.