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Demand for our services is constantly increasing. That means we are always looking for new Radiologists to join our global network of leading FRANZCR Consultant Radiologists.  

We have job opportunities for FRANZCR Radiologists to join our teams in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. We have state of the art reporting centres in London, Belfast and Cape Town.  We also have job opportunities for GMC specialists within Australia reporting for our UK and Ireland clients.


Relocation assistance

To help you take advantage of the opportunity offered by our international Radiologist jobs, we provide a relocation allowance including travel and accommodation (including family). We can arrange working visas and also offer full indemnity insurance, and CPD allowance.

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Team support

Wherever, however, or whenever you work, you will always have the support of a highly regarded team of clinical directors, clinical operations and IT staff there to provide assistance. As part of our team support you will be provided with state-of-the-art IT systems as well as frequent educational webinars.

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Wide-ranging benefits

From the other side of the world, you’ll be reporting on a challenging mix of Australian and New Zealand emergency cases during your daylight hours. International teleradiology also has the benefit of flexible shift patterns that allow for leisure and travel, and an attractive remuneration package with additional generous pension or superannuation.

Stories from our team

"I think it would have been a bit of a pipe dream ten years ago, the idea that you could go on a safari, go to the beach, and then combine your reporting shifts from the Cape Town hub.”


Frequently asked questions

What reporting would I be doing?

The types of reporting an Everlight radiologist does varies across the week. During our after-hours periods, when there is more trauma and emergency cases, 60-70% of reports are CTS, the highest-earning modality, with MRIs, X-rays and ultrasounds making up the balance. During business hours, x-rays dominate at around 60% of reports with CTs, MRIs and US.

What types of cases does Everlight report on?

Trauma and emergency cases form the backbone of the services we deliver to our clients. They rely upon us to return reports on high impact, multiple traumas and acute presentations in the ED and wards often with a 60-minute turnaround time. Your emergency and trauma reporting skills will be fully utilized working with Everlight, particularly if you are reporting for our clients’ after-hours times. We also provide a large amount of routine reporting during business hours.  

Where are your clients?

Everlights’ clients are public and private radiology service providers in two key geographic regions – Australasia and the UK. As long as you have, or are eligible for, specialist registration in Australia, New Zealand or the UK, you can report into those jurisdictions, no matter where in the world you may be.

How does the remuneration work?

Remuneration for reporting is primarily piecemeal, with the different modalities being paid at different rates. Talk to us about the benefits of working permanently with Everlight; full-time or part-time. We can provide you with the flexibility we are renowned for combined with a base retainer plus a range of benefits to make working permanently with Everlight well worth your consideration.

How much can I earn?

Your earnings will reflect the number and types of reports you complete on a shift, however patient care is our primary concern, so speed and accuracy must be balanced. Higher earnings are more achievable during the after-hours times -  weekends and evenings - when emergency and trauma CTs, which are the highest paying reports, are in much greater demand. With no time wasted travelling to and from work, no meetings to attend, no distractions plus the support of our experienced operations team you can focus solely on reporting, ensuring greatest efficiency and best service delivery to clients and patients.

Are Everlight piecemeal payments based on Medicare?

The structure of our piecemeal payments is similar to Medicare, but the values are not. This is because our clients are public and private, in both Australia and New Zealand and on a wide variety of different agreements. Whether casual or permanent, Everlight ANZ provides your medical indemnity insurance as well, so no investment required from you.

I have a registered company; can I use that to work for Everlight?

Yes, this is our primary form of engagement, unless you need Everlight to sponsor you for a working visa, where employee status is essential. Talk to us about your specific situation as well as discussing with your accountant.

I am thinking about making Everlight my main job, do you recruit for permanent Radiologists?

Yes, Everlight does recruit for full-time and permanent part-time radiologists.  Talk to the Everlight recruitment team today about what might be possible for you.

I would like to work from home, what do I need to buy?

Absolutely nothing! If you have cable internet, we can provide and install our home hub kit to get you reporting quite easily. You don’t need to worry about maintaining the latest software or any IT maintenance - our 24/7 IT team takes care of any problems quickly to ensure maximum reporting time and minimum stress for you.

I already have computers, screens etc. in my home office, can I use that?

All Everlight radiologists, whether reporting in one of our offices or from their home, are using the same IT hardware and systems. This ensures we manage a consistent, safe and reliable network with minimal outage and highest quality images.

I have wi-fi at home, is that okay?

Unfortunately, no. Everlight complies with the ISO27991 standards, including providing clients and their patients with the highest level of data security and quality of image no matter where the reporting radiologist is. Cable internet is currently the most reliable form of connectivity. The NBN is ideal but not essential.

I’ve not worked in teleradiology before, who can I talk to?

When you are ready, call the recruitment team and we will happily discuss all the questions you have, no matter where in the world you are or are planning to be.

Is there any oncall?

This is a key benefit of working with Everlight - you can elect to be on our oncall list if you wish, but as long as you are regularly completing at least the minimum weekend and after-hours as agreed, you are not required to be available additional hours. Freedom!

I would like to see how the home hub works before I commit

If you are currently living in London, Belfast, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, we will arrange for you to visit one of our offices, see the technical set up and meet the local team. The kit is identical in the Everlight offices as for the home hubs.

I only want to work for an organisation providing the highest clinical standards – how does Everlight stack up?

Everlights’ peer review program exceeds the current RANZCR standards and in fact has done that since our inception – all reporting radiologists, including our clinical directors, are peer-reviewed every shift. We strive to continuously exceed industry standards.

I’ve heard there is some sort of test to start?

Not actually a test, but you will be asked to report on a group of sample cases that typify the emergency and after-hours presentations commonly seen by Everlight radiologists. This will give you a chance to familiarise with our most crucial case types and gives our clinical directors a view of your approach and current skill level. We commit to providing you with feedback and advising the next step.

I’ve been reporting in private practice for a few years and not done any emergency radiology, can I still report with Everlight?

Our Medical Leadership Council enforces a strict policy that radiologists only report on cases that are a match to their current skills and experience. If it has been a while, we may ask you to only report on general, non-urgent cases. General radiology is an area we are experiencing increasing demand from clients.

How about refresher training for emergency and trauma reporting – will that be enough?

We encourage all of our radiologists to keep their emergency and trauma reporting skills up to date, this is key to providing the quality reporting we are known for. We suggest that you consider online training such as provided by Radiopaedia or attend E&T reporting training events to keep your skills sharp.

I’m working in the public system, including reporting for the ED, are my skills what you are looking for?

If you work for a hospital with an ED, it is highly likely that your skills will be an excellent fit for Everlight. If you are currently reporting on multiple traumas, high-impact injuries and acute inpatient scans, you will do very well with Everlight.

Is there a lot of paperwork to get going?

Yes, there is, that cannot be denied - but our experienced accreditation team will give you clear guidelines and practical assistance to make it as straight forward and painless as humanly possible! About 50% of Everlights’ clients accept the Everlight credentialing, however for the other health services, our credentialing team will work closely with you to meet their individual credentialing requirements.

How long will it take for me to be ready to report?

This is a hard question to answer, as it depends on where you are already registered and credentialed to report. From the time you sign on with Everlight, you will work closely with one of our experienced accreditation team who will provide you with all the support you need to be ready to report as quickly as possible.

I’m registered in one of your reporting locations, can I report for all three?

Not straight away however, we help you to apply for registration with wherever you are potentially eligible – the MCNZ, AHPRA or GMC.

How does the roster work?

You will find that Everlight is a breath of fresh air when it comes to committing to reporting shifts.  We do need to meet the needs of the hospitals, particularly the EDs that rely upon our services 365 days of the year however, we genuinely strive to ensure that we balance this with a reasonable approach to your personal and professional needs as well. 

Reporting hours vary with the type of contract you have:

  • Casual whether in an Everlight reporting centre or at home - no minimum hours and shifts can be of variable length. Everyone is different, and our team will call you regularly to identify your availability to create the right balance for you and Everlight. 
  • Permanent part-time - 40 hours/fortnight, negotiable but with an emphasis on reporting during our clients’ after-hours periods.
  • Permanent full time – at least 63 hours/fortnight, negotiable but with an emphasis on reporting during our clients’ after-hours periods
I’m planning to complete a fellowship programme overseas; can I work for Everlight during that time?

Absolutely – talk to us today about your plans, no matter how far in the future they may be! Working on a casual basis from a home hub in your temporary city home will ease the financial burden of the fellowship whilst enabling you to work flexibly around family and study commitments.




Life matters


Everything we do is designed to deliver the best outcomes for patients, each and every time.

Which is why our Radiologists are located around the world and available around the clock. We have access to the very best Radiologists when it matters most.

What we do is everyday critical and we are excited to be leading the way.


Quality matters

To provide the best patient care we need the best people, best reporting, best processes and the best team. We are natural problem solvers and we enjoy a challenge. New ways of working and fresh thinking are what keep us moving forward, challenging ourselves, each other and the industry to always do more, learn more and do better. As individuals and as a team we don’t stand still.

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Team matters

Everyone has a vital part to play. From supporting each other, sharing knowledge or expertise, peer review or celebrating our successes, we all pull together. As a team we are collaborative and respectful and we even manage to have some fun. We are naturally inclusive and our team extends to clients, clinicians, partners and peers. We are on your side.