At Everlight, you’ll be part of an integrated clinical team that cares about your success in both the short and long term.

Along with regular check-ins and peer reviews, you’ll have access to continual professional development pathways – including opportunities to progress up to senior leadership roles.

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"I think it is invaluable for radiologists to get feedback on the style and content of their report through the peer review process. It’s not something that's usually done outside Everlight Radiology."

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Our teleradiologists report an exciting variety of cases from emergency departments and secondary care centres across the UK and Ireland. You will provide critical and life-saving care to hundreds of patients on a daily basis, all with the personal and professional support you need to continually improve and perform at your best. 

Our Medical Leadership Council oversees each of our radiologist’s clinical development through our innovative EverLearning CPD programme. This ensures you have access to tailored lectures, seminars and feedback sessions to sharpen your skills and stay abreast of the latest clinical and technological innovations.


You’ll take on a diverse and challenging mix of emergency and routine reporting for hospitals across the country.

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Your career development is overseen by our Medical Leadership Team – comprised of internationally based, highly experienced radiologist Clinical Directors.


You’ll have access to Continuing Professional Development with feedback, mentoring and clinical governance programmes to help you deepen your expertise and excel in the field of teleradiology.


You'll have the opportunity to progress into a senior clinical leadership role, with proven career pathways onto our Medical Leadership Council. 


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Frequently asked questions

Where are your offices located?

Our Australasian head office is located in the heart of Sydney and our New Zealand head office is in Auckland. In Australia, we also have local offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Can I work from more than one office?

Yes, absolutely. You can work from one or more of our offices across Australia and New Zealand or from the UK or South Africa too.

What systems do you use?

We have our own in-house developed RIS, meaning that you will only need to be trained on our system, not each of our clients. We use Intelerad PACS and Powerscribe 360 voice recognition.

Will you be able to provide my APHRA appraisal and revalidation?

Yes. Our robust governance framework allows for APHRA appraisal and revalidation.

What are your levels of pay and benefits?

We offer an attractive remuneration package, along with additional generous pension/superannuation.

What training and CPD do you provide?

We have a comprehensive induction programme to ensure that all of our Radiologists are well trained in our systems and processes. We provide ongoing training and support through regular clinical governance meetings chaired by our Medical Director and host regular subspecialty educational events – CPD points are awarded for attendance.

How flexible will my work roster be?

We offer you the flexibility to work the way that suits you, your family and your other commitments. This means you can work from zero to full-time hours during weekdays, weekends and evenings, on a casual, part-time or full-time basis. There are no minimum hourly commitments when working from one of our Australian or New Zealand centres.

What support will I be offered as part of Everlight?

Everlight has offices across the globe which means 24/7 clinical, IT and operational support for all our Radiologists. We have a dedicated operations team who’ll work with you to ease the pressures that can come with case selection, case load, reporting and liaising with clinical teams – so you can focus on providing the best possible patient care.

I also work in a hospital or clinic. Will I be able to continue that while reporting for Everlight?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our Radiologists combine Everlight's flexible reporting hours with other professional obligations. 

Why should I work with Everlight?

Every day is critical at Everlight. As part of our team, you’ll be given the opportunity to challenge yourself – refining your skills in radiology and make a real difference in people’s lives. We’re a global company and offer you the chance to grow as a radiologist and work within any one of reporting centres worldwide.

With the support of leading technology, processes and systems, you’ll be exposed to all kinds of radiology cases, as you continue learning and developing in the company of leading specialist Radiologists.