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Everlight Radiologists and Clinical Directors delivered a series of online sessions for Registrars approaching their RANZCR Part 2 exams

Written by Everlight News Desk

on May 20, 2024

Everlight Radiology recently concluded its successful Case Reading Sessions, a series of online tutorials designed to help registrars prepare for the RANZCR Part 2 exams. The tutorials were presented by radiologists with expertise in specific areas, providing registrars with an invaluable opportunity to review cases and present their findings.

The sessions were offered in two convenient time slots, ensuring that registrars could participate regardless of their busy schedules. Each session focused on a specific topic, with radiologists guiding registrars through challenging cases and providing insights into best practices for case review and presentation.

Registrars who participated in the sessions found them to be an extremely helpful resource in their exam preparation. The opportunity to review real-world cases and receive feedback from experienced radiologists was invaluable.

"The Everlight Case Reading Sessions were a great way to prepare for the RANZCR Part 2 exams," said one participant. "The sessions were well-organized and informative, and the radiologists were very knowledgeable and approachable."

Another participant echoed these sentiments, stating that "The sessions helped me to improve my case review skills and gave me the confidence to present my findings effectively."

Everlight Radiology is committed to providing registrars with the resources they need to succeed. The Case Reading Sessions were just one example of the company's dedication to education and professional development.

Benefits of Everlight's Case Reading Sessions

  • Presented by radiologists with expertise in specific areas
  • Opportunity to review real-world cases
  • Receive feedback from experienced radiologists
  • Improve case review skills
  • Gain confidence in presenting findings

Everlight Radiology is dedicated to providing registrars with the resources they need to succeed. If you are interested in learning more about Everlight's educational offerings, please visit our website.

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