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Dr Lauren Raubenheimer joins as a mentor for Everlight Radiologists as part of our clinical team

Written by Everlight News Desk

on Mar 7, 2024

We're delighted to welcome Dr Lauren Raubenheimer to one of our new non-reporting roles, supporting our Medical Leadership Council. We caught up with Lauren for a quick Q&A.

Lauren Raubenheimer

How long have you been at Everlight?

I've been with Everlight for about 18 months.

What does your new role entail?

My non-clinical duties entail mentorship and educational roles. I participate in assessing and onboarding new radiologists which includes one-on-one mentorship calls. I also form part of the ANZ everlearning team. We set up registration teaching, teaching case libraries and talks.

Any areas of special interest in radiology?

Emergency and Neuroradiology. I also have a special interest in fetal neuroradiology. 

What are you most excited about at work this year?

My non-clinical role has opened up a whole new type of work for me and I'm excited to learn and grow in a capacity very different to clinical radiology. I am also looking forward to working alongside the other CD's in what seems to be a very dynamic and diverse team. 


Check out our UKI Medical Leadership Council.

Our global team of Clinical Directors together form the Medical Leadership Council, promoting, supporting and mentoring our Radiologists, ensuring the highest standards, sharing learning and providing direction at the highest levels of the business. Together we care deeply about the role Everlight plays now and in the future supporting radiology services across multiple geographies to deliver the best outcomes for our patients. We strive to continuously develop our healthy active community of Radiologists, each individual with their own bespoke needs and circumstances, but working together to support each other and our patients.