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Written by Everlight News Desk

on Apr 8, 2019

It is with pleasure that I can announce that Everlight Radiology has been re-awarded to the NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) supplier panel for teleradiology services. The teleradiology framework was established following a thorough OJEU procurement exercise, during which Everlight received the highest score across all suppliers assessed across a range of quality and commercial criteria. The teleradiology framework agreement is available to all NHS Trusts with no contract access fee.

The NHS set to gain from improved access to teleradiology

The framework agreement is designed to simplify the procurement process for teleradiology services.

The framework enables Trusts to contract directly with suppliers, removing the need to individually tender or run further competition, freeing up significant management time within radiology departments. Trusts also benefit from fixed pricing set at a framework level for the duration of the contract term.

Everlight Radiology in the UK

With the NHS suffering from a critical shortage of Radiologists, demand for teleradiology has increased substantially. Everlight has been able to support this demand through leveraging its global workforce and utilising international time zones to provide 24/7 follow the sun reporting.

Everlight’s Australian and New Zealand offices are utilised primarily for after-hours emergency reporting, whilst other international locations provide vital additional Radiologist capacity to service the growing routine or less acute reporting requirements of the NHS.

Our teleradiology services also assist with load balancing during the summer months in the UK - this is when demand for teleradiology services spike due to an increase in Radiologists taking annual leave. Everlight can provide a safety net for Trusts to manage demand.

Continued growth globally

Following a major recruitment exercise during 2018, Everlight now has over 250 British qualified Radiologists across six continents.

During the year we welcomed 89 new GMC/FRCR Radiologists with a minimum of two years NHS consultant experience to Everlight’s team, including 67 UK-based Radiologists and 22 based internationally.

Everlight Radiology is the fastest growing teleradiology company in the world. As we continue to expand global operations and our talented team, we understand that this growth is in service of our ability to provide the highest possible quality of reporting for our partners and their patients.

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