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This month, we’re proud to be rolling out an enhanced programme of reward, remuneration and benefits to recognise the vital role of our Consultant Radiologists.

Written by Everlight News Desk

on Nov 23, 2023

The enhanced packages, which launched in November 2023, include improved remuneration rates, enhanced development opportunities including an educational stipend of up to £5,000 a year, a clearer non-reporting role structure for those who want to progress within the organisation, improved MedMal insurance arrangements worth up to £10,000 a year, and a world-class global mobility offer.


The launch aims to encourage Consultant Radiologists to imagine more from their radiology career. More choice in where they live and how they work; more connection, with a readily available global network of peers and Clinical Leads; more growth, through diverse reporting, development and non-reporting activities; and ultimately more innovation, challenge and reward with each day.


“Our aim is to recognise and reward our Radiologists fairly and appropriately for the commitment shown in working at Everlight. We want all radiologists who choose to work with us to ultimately get more from that choice,” says Rob Anderson, Global CEO at Everlight Radiology. “We’ll continue to listen to and really hear the feedback given to us and the industry as a whole from our radiologists, ensuring that our proposition remains competitive and different.”


Building on strong foundations


Everlight Radiology works with a global network of 500+ Consultant Radiologists across six continents, delivering urgent, out of hours, routine and sub-specialty radiology reporting, supporting NHS healthcare facilities and their teams to deliver critical patient care.


The work we do has a profound impact on patient outcomes, with each report representing a critical piece of the puzzle. That’s why we foster a culture of clinical excellence, continuous learning and professional development through the Medical Leadership Council’s clinical governance, peer review, development and everlearning programmes.


“I think for too long, teleradiology has been thought of as an accessory, a bolt on, and that’s as far as it goes,” says Dr Dan Rose, Chair of the Global Medical Leadership Council. “For some, it will remain that, but for a significant number of people, and the numbers are increasing over time, it can becomes the majority or their whole radiology practice. So being able to offer those opportunities to go beyond reporting is key to what we’re trying to do here.”


Everlight has a strong commitment to innovation and finding smarter, more effective tools and technology propels us ahead of the competition, allowing us to maintain consistently high standards and the radiologists that work here to make the most of each day. From AI tools to enhanced voice recognition, radiologists are empowered to work more effectively and efficiently than ever. And with one seamless log in to access the whole worklist, radiologists can do what they do best – reporting.


Investing in people to benefit patients


Driven by the leadership team and the Medical Leadership Council, the new proposition is a clear investment in the wellbeing and quality of work for radiologists.


“We’ve always been proud to offer truly flexible careers, 24/7 support and world class technology,” says Anderson. “I hope these positive changes to our radiologist proposition will strengthen our relationship with our radiologists, which in turn allows us to deliver even more for the patients we serve.”


We are excited to see how these changes will help us to attract and retain the best radiologists in the world. We believe that our new reward and benefits package is a reflection of our commitment to our radiologists and our patients.

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We help our radiologists get more from each day with investments in innovation and technology.

Our commitment to innovation and finding smarter, more effective tools and technology propels us ahead of the competition, allowing us to maintain consistently high standards and you to make the most of each day.

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