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In the first of our series on Everlight Radiologist partners, we caught up with Dr Sharon Ngu. Dr Ngu is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and became one of our first Everlight Partners in 2022

Written by Everlight News Desk

on Mar 29, 2023

Dr Sharon NguCan you tell me a little about how your first joined Everlight?

It was back in 2015 - I’d finished my Fellowship in New York and my husband was starting his fellowship in Australia, so I followed him there. I knew he was going to be travelling across various cities in Australia and I didn’t want to move jobs all the time. 

One of my friends recommended Everlight and it sounded like it could be a good fit. I started out reporting from the Sydney hub and it was a great fit.

We moved to Brisbane the following year and I got pregnant with twins. We went overseas to Paris but I didn’t report there as I was on maternity leave, and we eventually moved back to New Zealand where we’re both from originally.

How has your career worked with your family life?
I was ready to go back to work when we moved home to New Zealand but I knew I didn’t want to work in a hospital. Especially with really young twins – it was important to me that I could be one of those mothers who was around for school picks ups, drops offs and things. So I decided to keep working with Everlight as it had been so good before maternity leave – it works around my life, particularly with kids.

How many doctors do you know who get to choose when to work, and where, and the pay is still really good? I don’t think a lot of people realise how good it is.

How did you get involved as a Partner?

I had a conversation with Dr Avi Saks about the possibility and it really appealed to me. I’ve been working with Everlight for a long time now, and it made sense to me. It feels like a natural progression of things, especially with the kids getting older, to get more involved with Everlight beyond reporting.

I’m involved in the teaching side of things too, through everlearning. It’s such a great initiative, and not just for Everlight reporters, but for all radiologists. It’s such a good ethos to have – to spread the learning around.

Any plans to travel again?
We’re settled in Auckland for the moment, but who knows in the future when the kids are older – I might want to do six months in Europe, six months here. 

What do you see as the future for teleradiology?

People can be wary of teleradiology – if you work in the hospital, you sometimes don’t know the person on the other end doing the reporting so it’s hard to build up that trust. But because Everlight is growing so fast and more and more radiologists are reporting for us, most people will know someone who’s reporting here. So that trust gets built up.

After COVID, most radiologists would have experienced reporting from home, so they can see the benefits of it, and people are less cautious of it.

My husband tells me I’ve got one of the best jobs out there. How many doctors do you know who get to choose when to work, and where, and the pay is still really good. I don’t think a lot of people realise how good it is!

People do have reservations about the unknown, but once you’re in it you wonder why you haven’t done it earlier.

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