Everlight Radiology achieves the Quality Standard for Imaging, Sep 7, 2021


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Everlight Radiology is already the fastest growing teleradiology company in the world. Now, Everlight lands on the Financial Times’ FT1000: fastest growing companies list.

Written by Everlight News Desk

on Apr 1, 2019

The FT1000 highlights the 1,000 European companies that have shown the highest percentage growth rate in revenue between 2014 and 2017.

The annual list, now in its third year and created in collaboration with Statista, sees Everlight Radiology featuring on the list for the first time.

Everlight is a global teleradiology company, offering 24/7 off-site analysis of diagnostic imaging with a mission to enable better patient care by improving access to high caliber and reputable radiologists.

“We are delighted to make the FT1000 list for the first time,” says Daniel Sourial, Everlight CEO. “Everlight Radiology was only founded in 2010, which goes to show that we are making incredible progress – not just in comparison to the teleradiology and healthcare spaces, but in relation to the very best companies that Europe has to offer.”

“The source of Everlight’s rapid success is our partnership approach with our customers and our doctors,” says Sourial. “With our Follow the Sun model we can provide high-quality radiology reporting to cover a range of time zones and help our partner hospitals cope with rising demand for diagnostic services".

To view the full list and the criteria, click here.

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