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RRO (Radiology Reporting Online, UK) wholly owned by Everlight Radiology

27 July 2017


Daniel Sourial (CEO RRO), and Alexander van der Laan (CEO Everlight Radiology) are now pleased to announce that Everlight, with backing from ICG, has now also acquired UCLH’s 50% interest in RRO. The result of which is that RRO is now wholly owned by Everlight.
Looking back to December 2016, Everlight Radiology, and its 50% ownership of RRO, were acquired via MBO by Intermediate Capital Group PLC (ICG), a U.K. private equity firm.

The practical outcome is that we become one company, one team. This is profound, because we already share the same mission, ways of working, technology, and culture – every day, every night, we dare to make a difference for patients by serving as a vital lifeline in after hours and urgent radiology reporting.
This is an exciting development. RRO and Everlight combined can now justifiably lay claim to being the first truly Global Teleradiology Service Provider. The convergence of the two companies further strengthens the positions in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. This is because collaboration and sharing become easier, in fact they become the standard. We can now work stronger together, which may even extend soon to new markets, given we are global and backed by a strong and supportive financial sponsor.