The Everlight difference

As the medical world continues to evolve in exciting, challenging new directions, the need for quality teleradiology to meet the demands on hospital services and staff continues to increase. Everlight provides this essential support, and delivers it in exceptional ways.

We achieve the Everlight difference:

By being more scalable and affordable

In contrast to the traditional alternative of on-site radiologists, our unique business model gives you immediate access to over 150 FRANZCR experienced Consultant Radiologists. All Everlight radiologists have been through rigorous credentialing and references checks prior to recruitment.

By working directly with clients to determine the scope of work they need, we can deliver the most effective solution for their needs, backed by a competitive fee-per-item pricing model to ensure clients are only paying for the services they use.

By delivering our service on innovative software

At any given moment, our bespoke software is managing thousands of patient cases – rapidly sending them across the country or internationally to our dedicated reporting centres or home hubs.

  • First of all, the Everlight Gateway collects and ingests images from hospitals the moment they are taken from the patient
  • Everlight Deluge then uses the latest online video broadcasting technology to present the examination to the next available radiologist. That experienced radiologist may be Australia-based, or reporting from London or New York during daylight hours
  • Everlight RIS manages the workflow, so that all cases are treated equally and securely, and returned within critical KPI/SLA timeframes

By supporting our clients round the clock (and round the world)

Everlight exists to support our clients and their patients – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Along with a service solution that’s tailored to every individual client’s needs, we provide a dedicated 1800 number that’s manned at all hours, so connection between clinician and radiologist can happen at all hours.