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Dental Imaging: How to report and why

presented by Dr Charles Lott

Everlearning Radiology Webinar _ Dental Imaging_ how to report and why

Dental Imaging is a niche area of radiology often approached with uncertainty by Radiologists.

Radiologists may assume that the referrer will self-report or be better skilled in interpretation, which is not universally true. This is important to the provision of quality care and avoidance of medicolegal events for both the referrer and the radiology service/reporting radiologist. A missed treatable mandibular tumour is the responsibility of the reporting radiologist even if reporting ‘Images Provided’ as much as the treating practitioner.
The dentist, dental specialist, orofaciomaxillary surgeon, emergency doctor and the patient all benefit from good information and exclusion of unexpected pathology.

This talk will:
• Discuss OPG and Cone beam CT imaging.
• Update you on standard nomenclature and ways to describe findings.
• Show you a way to report quickly and provide useful information.
• Show several Aunt-Minnie pathologies you should know about (and things not to miss).
• Update you on imaging for implants.
• Touch on Cephalometric measurements.

You will learn to:
• report an OPG better
• name findings using standard terminology
• understand use and limitations of Cone Beam CT in dental imaging
• increase your awareness on implant imaging

This webinar provides 1 CPD credit in accordance with the CPD Scheme of the Royal College of Radiologists and RANZCR. CPD points are issued within a month of viewing. 
If you are a Radiologist, Radiographer or Sonographer you will receive 1 CPD point for watching this educational webinar, in accordance with the CPD schemes of the RCR and RANZCR. Your CPD certificate will be issued within one month of viewing. Please declare your profession in the form, and check your other details are accurate, to ensure you are issued with the correct certificate.*


MLC Dr Charles Lott

presented by

Dr Charles Lott


Global MLC Chair, Everlight Radiology

Dr Lott was trained in Australia and the United Kingdom, and has extensive radiology experience across both nations in public and private radiology organisations. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, the Royal College of Radiologists, and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.

As Chair of the Everlight Radiology Medical Leadership Council, Dr Lott leads seven other Clinical Directors tasked with overseeing industry-leading clinical governance to ensure excellence in reporting.

Special Interests: Emergency Radiology, Interventional, Orofaciomaxillary and Musculoskeletal Radiology.

*You must watch the webinar in full to be eligible for CPD points.