Independent audits for outstanding reporting

Maintaining a radiology reporting standard of the highest quality is essential. Measuring, monitoring and reporting is paramount in ensuring that standards are maintained.

Along with our in-built internal audit process, Everlight offers an independent audit service on both a regular and ad-hoc basis. 


Bespoke quality assurance software

Our purpose-built quality assurance audit software, Everlight QA, is fully integrated into our RIS.


In-depth, accurate reporting

Detailed statistical reports are provided at the completion of the audit, with any discrepancies that are identified being immediately communicated to the client.



An independent audit process

Auditing has become an increasingly expected standard for hospitals and clinics around Australia - and Everlight has over ten years of expertise to assist.


Strict quality control

We conduct our own daily audits on a randomly selected basis. We also conduct automatic audits of all new radiologists, a single, randomly-selected case from every radiologist, every shift, and for two sessions if a serious exception has taken place.


Ease the pressure on your team

Work-life balance is critical to a strong team. Our independent audit reporting service ensures your team is maintaining a high quality of reporting, without impacting your workload.

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