Opportunities for FRANZCR Radiologists

We currently have openings for FRANZCR Radiologists who are interested in spending time working abroad.

Reporting on Australian and New Zealand cases in awake hours, we offer flexibility to suit your lifestyle and individual needs.

I'm interested in working overseas (temporarily or permanently).

I'm interested in working overseas while completing my sub-specialty fellowship.

I'm looking for opportunities working in Australia or New Zealand.

We provide better care and a superior experience for Radiologists. 

At the heart of Everlight is our team of Radiologists. They are valued, supported and recognised as the driving force behind Everlight’s ability to deliver quality patient care. 

Our vision is simple: to support you by providing the best working environment for radiologists in the world.

To achieve this goal, we have pioneered RadCare – a global department dedicated to our Radiologists, led by the Medical Leadership Council and supported by our RadCare team.

Together we leverage decades of Radiology and management experience - bringing expertise from across the globe to guide and support appraisals, training & development, recruitment, credentialing, scheduling, clinical and company governance, quality and more to create the most radiologist-friendly experience possible.

No matter what stage of your career, Everlight Radiology can provide the opportunity to advance, grow and excel. We welcome your interest and invite you to join our dynamic team of medical professionals.

Learn more about our opportunities for FRANZCR Radiologists here.